Our Services

Spinal Examination & Posture Analysis

The doctor takes an in depth view of spinal configuration and body weight distribution, evaluates joint motion, alignment and muscular balance. These are factors which facilitate and coordinate symmetry and nervous control of the normal functioning body.

Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology) 

Utilized primarily to compare the relative strengths of muscles throughout the body. Unequal muscle strengths are commonly seen in chronic pain patterns. Muscle therapies are performed to reduce muscle spasm and improve strength and mobility.

Chiropractic Manipulative Technique

Manual correction of joint misalignments and mal-positioning that accompany most musculoskeletal conditions. This involves gentle low force pressure to the various regions of the spine, cranium, ribs, jaw, hands, feet, etc. to promote proper movement.

Diagnostic X-rays

Primarily taken after injury or trauma to rule out fracture, arthritis, joint dislocation and to assess overall alignment.

Massage (Muscle Therapy)

The application of specific manual pressures to various muscular regions. This aides in restoring body balance, reduces stress, improves circulation and disperses areas of congestion.

Massage Therapists are available seven days a week for private appointments. Neuromuscular, Swedish, Myofacial.

Supportive Therapy 

The application of specific physical modalities concerned with the restoration of function and prevention of disease following injury or illness. Therapies include ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), traction, hot and cold therapy and micro-current therapy. Their purpose is to improve circulation, decrease inflammation, strengthen and relax muscles, improve mobility and promote healing.

Patient Education

Patients are taught basic chiropractic and kinesiology principles and how they apply to their specific health conditions. Brochures, instructional handouts, and individual consultations are provided to all patients.

Nutrition (Counseling and Testing)

Nutritional supplementation consists of vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and multiple natural combinations. The doctor will determine, by certain testing procedures, the body’s need for these nutrients and counsel as to the method and course of the nutritional regimen.

One of our more unique services is our Nutritional Evaluation. Through comprehensive testing procedures and Counseling, with vitamin and mineral therapy, (Chinese) herbs, homeopathies, and natural combinations, our team will assist you to a healthier body.